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Sims 23 Fluid

Sims 23 Fluid

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Loose and commanding, the fluid is a dual twin tip that combines the best characteristics of rocker and camber technologies for a smooth blend of playfulness and pop. Sims “m” pop camber puts the fluid’s contact point between the feet for less hang up transferring from edge to edge and easy pivoting off the center of the board. The fluid is built on sims universal core profile. Two bamboo stringers running tip-to-tail down the center of a poplar wood core, layered with a 20mm strip of I carbon lite fiber, and overlaid with sims bi-tex fiberglass, make the fluid lightweight, easy flexing, and extremely responsive. Sims flexible thin tip and tail tech reduces material and swing weight on the board ends, facilitating faster rotations. Smooth carving, park loving, backcountry friendly. The fluid is finished with sims standard race base, performance fast and forgot to wax it durable.

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